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Heliax is a remote-first team with cross-disciplinary members located around the world.


Photo of Adrian

Adrian is CEO at Heliax, Co-Founder of the Anoma project, and a member of the Anoma Foundation Council. Prior to Heliax, Adrian co-founded, scaled and eventually sold Cryptium Labs, an infrastructure operator that provided PoS validation from bunkers in the Swiss Alps, while simultaneously building Metastate, an R&D company that upgraded layer-1 protocols valued at over $4bn. Adrian was formerly the 3rd core protocol engineer to work on building the Cosmos stack at Tendermint and completed a graduate thesis on censorship-resistant e-voting systems as a means of helping the Catalan people to gain their independence.

Photo of Awa
Sun Yin

Awa is the Product Development Lead at Heliax, Co-Founder of the Anoma project, and President of the Anoma Foundation Council. After writing papers advocating for the deanonymisation of Bitcoin and working as a software engineer and researcher at Chainalysis and Tendermint respectively, it became clear to Awa that blockchains provided poor security and privacy guarantees. She went on to co-found Cryptium Labs, a proof-of-stake validator in Switzerland, and Metastate, a blockchain R&D company, before co-founding Heliax.

Photo of Christopher

Christopher is the Research & Development Lead at Heliax, Co-Founder of the Anoma Project, and a member of the Anoma Foundation Council. He is also Co-Founder of the proof-of-stake validator Cryptium Labs and the blockchain R&D company Metastate, and formerly led on the design and development of the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) at Tendermint. Christopher didn’t always work in blockchain, though, having started his career programming autonomous underwater robotic submersibles. He switched to designing distributed ledger technology when it became clear that those coordination problems were not going to solve themselves.

Photo of Tomáš

Tomáš is a software engineer with a background in computer games, web development, and finance. He strives to build robust, flexible and composable software with the help of statically-typed, functional languages. When not busy coding, Tomáš enjoys learning about the practical applications of computer science, engineering and mathematical research.

Photo of Marty

Marty is dedicated to life-long learning in a broad range of areas, with a particular passion for the application of functional programming to cryptocurrencies. Her previous deep interest in economics led to multiple cited research papers that focus on public goods, specifically climate change policy. She is enthusiastic about applying her skills to the construction of economic models for the blockchain world.

Photo of Jeremy

Jeremy is a researcher interested in BFT consensus systems, finality, and type theory (including dependent and linear types), as well as efficient implementations of functional languages. He joined Heliax after graduating from Case Western Reserve University, where his studies led him down the path of abstract algebra, category theory, and expression in programming languages.

Photo of Andy

Andy is a software engineer with a background in functional programming, compilers, and type theory. His main interest is in using (fancy) type systems to prove programs correct by construction, ideas he working to put to use in real-world contexts.

Photo of Ash

Ash is a software engineer and researcher interested in peer-to-peer consensus networks, formal systems, and programming/logic languages. His current focus lies in programming languages for consensus networks and interoperable, modular crypto-finance protocols.

Photo of Sylvain

Sylvain is a software engineer with a background in programming language specification and formal proofs. He is particularly interested in improving current protocols and demonstrating their properties using functional and formal languages. Sylvain is also an environmental activist committed to helping as much as possible with society's current transition.

Photo of Nat

Nat is a mathematician by training with a broad interest in cryptography, though he is especially drawn to problems with a heavy algebraic component to them. He is currently focusing on multiparty computation and zero-knowledge proofs.

Photo of Joe

Joe is a theoretical computer scientist with research interests spanning computational complexity theory, probabilistically checkable proofs, and SNARKs. He is interested in ways to apply theoretical results to real world systems.

Photo of April

April is a web programmer and Computer Science PhD candidate specialising in effect type systems and their applications to generative art, as well as the implementation of functional programming languages. Their interests include categorical semantics and the developed experience of programming languages, as well as lists, cats, and Pokémon.

Photo of Joshua

Joshua is mathematician and educator with a special interest in elliptic curve pairings and zero-knowledge cryptography. He is a former college professor and elementary school teacher committed to using cryptography to make blockchain applications more secure and accessible.

Photo of Alex
Flory Samartino

Alex is a mechanical engineer by training. He developed an interest in distributed ledger technology while working in the digitalization field for a major Swiss bank, a passion he has been pursuing full time since May 2019.

Photo of Gianmarco

Gianmarco is a software engineer with a background on distributed systems and gossip protocols. Following his studies at the Università della Svizzera Italiana, he decided to pursue a career in cloud computing technologies and is now working and maintaining infrastructure at Heliax.

Photo of George

George has a background in engineering, with a focus on security and cryptography. Before joining the Heliax, George worked on software and hardware security products, both as a builder and a breaker. He is predominately interested in the security of cryptographic systems, from both a practical and theoretical standpoint.

Photo of Frank

Frank is a computer scientist with a background spanning programming languages, compilers, type systems, aerospace and reliable software. It is his ambition to use programming languages to make it easier and safer to write programs. Other interests include building, riding and maintaining his mountain bikes, and impriving his understanding of electronics and mechanics.

Photo of Alberto

Alberto is a mathematician with a background in cryptography, distributed systems and programming language theory. His interests range from algebraic geometry to compilers and cryptographic protocols. He would like to see zero-knowledge proofs and theorem provers used widely outside academia.

Photo of Clara

Clara is a UX designer specializing in UI design. She has extensive experience working on design campaigns across websites and mobile apps and is driven by the conviction that human-centered design can convert complex processes into delightful, smooth, user-oriented experiences.

Photo of Yuji

Yuji is a software engineer with a background in distributed ledgers, databases, and various SSDs. He is interested in improving reading/writing data in critical data systems, particularly in relation to failure analysis surrounding data consistency.

Photo of Annabel
van Daalen

Annabel is a marketing and communications professional specialising in the breakdown of complex and technical topics for broader audiences. She likes doing justice to great ideas through clear, compelling content that relays the why just as much as the how. She is also an experienced public speaker, events manager, and linguist.

Photo of Simon

Simon is a cryptographer interested in curve-based cryptography and deployed protocol security. His current interests include post-quantum cryptography, pairing-based applications, volleyball, and the saxophone.

Photo of Celso

Celso is a software engineer with a background on web and mobile development. He has a soft spot for statically typed, functional programming languages, and an ever growing interest in compilers. He also loves to share knowledge and runs a functional programming study group in his hometown.

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