A public goods lab

Made up of creators, researchers and builders deploying open source protocols and mechanisms designed to serve the everyday needs of humanity.

Pioneering the next generation of the Web

As an alternative to existing exploitative paradigms, we construct technological mechanisms from the ground up to empower individual sovereignty and privacy.

  • Groundbreaking research

    Dedicated research teams with industry-leading experience lay the foundation for the development of innovative, privacy-preserving systems.

  • Cutting-edge design

    Cross-functional approaches enable us to construct systems that inherently deliver cutting-edge utility, functionality and user-experience.

  • End-to-end integrated

    Heliax is vertically integrated, as we aim to contain everything from research to product and the feedback loop back entirely within the company.

  • Open-source deployment

    Transparent deployment ensures continuous improvement of our suite of protocols and its alignment with the greater public.

Our growing suite of projects

Be a part of Heliax and join the teams empowering humanity.

Built for the public

As a public good lab, we design, experiment with, and produce public goods. In our case, public goods can be ideas, research, specifications, designs and software which are crafted to serve the needs of the public and be of mutual benefit to communities and individuals.

Heliax was built on years of pioneering experience across distributed systems, programming language theory, and zero-knowledge cryptography. We have built, maintained and extended layer-1 protocols like Cosmos and Tezos and designed cross-chain communication protocols like IBC.