Bringing financial sovereignty & privacy to the world

Heliax operates at the cutting edge of distributed ledger research and uses its findings to design, develop, and optimize self-sovereign and privacy-preserving technologies.


Undefining Money

An alternative, locally sovereign system of private asset-agnostic cash, counterparty discovery, private bartering, and binding multiparty coordination.

More Projects


Juvix empowers developers to write code in a high-level, functional language, compile it to gas-efficient output VM instructions, and formally verify the safety of their contracts prior to deployment & execution.


The multi-asset shielded pool (MASP) is an open-source library written in Rust for fully shielded privacy-preserving token transfers.


PLONK/plookup is the state-of-the-art in universal zk-SNARKs, creating a verifiable proof of the correctness of a small computation even when some of the input data must remain private.