Ecosystem Partnerships Lead


The Heliax team is hiring! Heliax is the lead development team behind the Anoma and Namada protocols.

Anoma is the universal intent machine, introducing intent-centric architecture for a new paradigm of human-centric applications. Anoma provides a universal multichain interface for building fully decentralized intent-centric apps that can satisfy user needs and preferences across any network. Enabling decentralized counterparty discovery, solving, and multichain atomic settlement, Anoma removes the need for complicated UX, addresses coordination problems, and paves the way for a user controlled internet.

Namada is the shielded asset hub rewarding users to protect the multichain. Enabling full control over the sharing of personal data in on-chain activities, Namada uses advanced ZK cryptography to deliver unparalleled data protection to existing assets, applications, and blockchain networks. Namada introduces shielded cross-chain interactions and passive rewards for holding assets in and strengthening its shielded set.

Heliax receives funding from the Anoma Foundation which has raised over $60M from some of the top backers in the space including Polychain, Electric Capital, Delphi and more.

The Role

The BD team is turbocharging the growth of the Anoma and Namada ecosystems by finding and backing dedicated teams building exciting products, while also leading the way in integrating value-add protocols.

As the Ecosystem Development and Integrations Lead, you'll be the brains behind growth and integration strategies for builders in all areas. You'll manage relationships and processes, making sure everything runs smoothly. You're up for any challenge and thrive on being self-sufficient, organized, and ambitious.

Who you are

  • Experience in ecosystem growth, ideally with experience in L1/L2 ecosystem development.
  • You can manage an integration process from start to finish, including commercial terms.
  • You're a hustler and know how to command attention in a crowded market.
  • You have a good understanding of current and coming narratives and trends and will be able to align our protocols with the most interesting growth areas.

Nice to have

  • Technical or product skills.
  • Strong connections in the industry.
  • Twitter presence.
  • Familiar with EVM and Cosmos ecosystems.

What you'll be doing

  • Coming up with and putting into action new ideas to grow the Anoma and Namada ecosystem.
  • Reaching out and making connections with the top teams in the space.
  • Working with teams in Business Development, Product, DevRel, Marketing, and Engineering to get things over the line.
  • Collaborating with all sorts of people - builders, backers, market participants, infrastructure providers - to help Anoma and Namada grow.
  • Assisting in programs like grants and hackathons to bring builders to Anoma and Namada and get them using other Anoma and Namada ecosystem apps.

We run a tight ship with a small team. This is a unique chance to come aboard. You'll gain valuable experience and expand alongside our company's growth. Our salaries and token incentives are competitive, matching your expertise.


Remote or local (Zug/Berlin). When remote, preferred if mostly located within (+/- 7 hours) Central European time zones.