Senior Community and Social Media Specialist

Role Overview


The primary project of Heliax is Anoma, a suite of self-sovereign technologies that enable full-stack decentralization. In this way, Anoma represents the evolution of protocols, going beyond just programmable settlement but enabling user intents to be as expressive as possible. Combined with counterparty discovery and atomic, multi-chain settlement built upon privacy-preserving mechanisms we aim to unlock a more comprehensive way of coordination, one that begins and ends with the user.

Heliax is a remote-first public goods lab which researches, develops, deploys and maintains open-source protocols and mechanisms designed to serve the everyday needs of humanity. Using this, we build vertically integrated open-source products and networks that form coherent open systems, which are capable of acting as an alternative to existing exploitative systems, such as the existing financial system. With team members located around the world, our work culture is characterized by open-allocation, where team members have a high degree of freedom and autonomy in choosing when to work, what to work on, and whom to work with.


  • Own the development and execution of strategies on Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and any other existing and future community platforms
  • Create actionable plans to increase followers and maintain engagement through popular social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Manage multiple social media accounts across several brands
  • Own and support the organization and execution of online and offline events
  • Rapidly scale community via high-quality engagement and discussion
  • Make channel specific optimization for content and creative assets
  • Explore and test other possible channels for expanded community reach and brand amplification
  • Identify and involve engaged advocates and contributors to build core community and strengthen reach in the form of ambassador programs
  • Build and support the organization and execution of online and offline events
  • Ensure brand continuity across all relative channels with coherent messaging and consistent brand voice
  • Stay up to date, educated and curious about the latest tech developments, and communicate them in an digestible way to our community
  • Collaborate with the rest of the Comms & UI/UX team in ensuring the quality of external communications and in gathering and integrating user feedback.
  • Collaborate with the designers in the team for graphics and any necessary visual materials for each community platform
  • Collaborate with the other teams within Heliax in ensuring quality and integrating user feedback on the documentation and supporting materials and for fact-checking & engagement in technical discussions


  • 5+ years of experience in Communications with at least 2 years as in a similar role within the Web3, blockchain space.
  • Excellent knowledge of social media platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Discord, Telegram, Reddit
  • You LOVE fostering and interacting with communities on the Internet and at events.
  • Comfortable experimenting with ideas, iterating if needed and optimizing them for long-term efficacy
  • Ability to quickly recognize social trends and pivot approaches to leverage opportunities
  • You are passionate about emerging technologies and industries, such as the Anoma project and its ecosystem. You are thrilled about fostering a community around Anoma’s vision.
  • Experience with event production both in online and offline environments
  • Experienced content writer with a track record developing content in a variety formats (please share your past writing experience via sharing your academic projects, personal blogs, or professional work).
  • Experience in fast-paced and growing startup environment
  • English language fluency or mother tongue
  • Extremely Self-organized, proactive, and autonomous at completing the tasks and collaborating with team members across teams.
  • A builder and self starter who relishes in the opportunity to take initiative and ownership
  • During your professional experience, you have worked closely with developers and have a good understanding of the front-end development stack & tools (e.g. JavaScript, Git).
  • Previous experience working at a technology company and familiarity with GSuite, Slack, and HackMD.
  • Familiarity with the command-line and interested in playing with developer tools and programming languages.

Bonus Qualifications

  • Knowledge and fluency in other languages.
  • Previous experience in communicating and working with open-source projects.
  • Previous experience in running region-specific community platforms and building ambassador programs
  • Previous experience in reading or interacting with products and interfaces to blockchain technologies.
  • Previous experience working at a company or on a project in the blockchain industry.
  • Previous experience in working at organizations in the areas of fintech or financial applications or products


  • This is a full-time, remote position.
  • Preferred if residing within (+/- 3 hours) Central European time zones.
  • Ideally someone who enjoys travel, nature, and hiking. Often we find that products are best designed not in a meeting room but rather on a trail 🏔️.