Our Vision

Heliax operates at the cutting edge of distributed ledger research and uses its findings to design, develop, and optimize self-sovereign and privacy-preserving technologies.

A screenshot of the whole team, together, having a call on Google Meet.

Our Culture

Heliax is a remote-first company with team members located around the world. We believe that the best working cultures are characterised by flexibility and autonomy, which is why we operate via open allocation, giving team members the choice of what to work on, with whom, and when.

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Our History


Before Heliax, there was Metastate, a blockchain R&D company composed of software engineers, mathematicians and specialized researchers.

Metastate conducted cutting-edge research across distributed systems, programming language theory, and zero-knowledge cryptography in order to solve the blockchain industry's hardest problems. From tools for writing high-assurance smart contracts, to protocols that ensure security, privacy and scalability, Metastate was a forerunner of decentralised systems.

Previous Projects

With decades of combined experience, Heliax team members have formerly worked on some of the blockchain industry's pioneering projects.

We are distributed ledger veterans. We have built, maintained and extended layer-1 protocols like Cosmos and Tezos, designed cross-chain communication protocols like IBC, and engineered trade and order systems like the Wyvern DEX protocol, which currently powers OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace on Ethereum.